Since 2013

Huepar's Story

Huepar was founded by one of the well respected engineers named Lynn Li Who had spent most of her life working in a manufacturer of first-class laser measuring tools. Since she had to be present in construction sites most of her time, Lynn grew so tired by witnessing the hardships faced by The workers who relied on manual tools that made their measuring and leveling almost impossible and extremely frustrating. The whole Huepar idea had started when Lynn heard a very sad story about one of her dear neighbors who used to work as a private construction worker. He was forced to rebuild an entire project without extra income due to the errors made by the manual measuring tools he relied on. He had no choice but to use those traditional ways since laser measuring tools were super expensive and out of his reach.

Lynn then started thinking of how she could make an affordable laser measuring tool so everybody can benefit from, while maintaining the quality and the accuracy of the tools.

Quality Isn't Always Expensive

Huepar's Mission

Since 2013, value, sustainability and responsibility have gone hand in hand with us and are an integral part of our company philosophy. "Quality doesn't have to be expensive." In recent years, we have managed to keep our prices stable and continue to offer good conditions to our customers. Our production facilities in China and the UK/US/EU are under strict control, so we can guarantee the quality and precision of our products. Our quality management staff works around the clock to test and improve our products to ensure a high standard of quality and to be able to meet your requirements.

Why Choose Huepar

11 Years

We have been specializing in laser level for 11+ years.


Our tools are sold over 130 countries with 20+ warehouses.


We got over 95% positive rates in trustpilot.

Leading Technology

Accumulated more than 11 years of uninterrupted technology, using OSRAM lighting to ensure that you enjoy the top products.

Reliable Quality

Each product has been tested and inspected more than 10 times to ensure that you can get a stable product.


Huepar provides affordable tools and equipment to invest in your family's quality of life.

Free & Fast Delivery

Huepar has built 14 warehouses, and cooperates with FBA to provide you with free shipping within 3 to 7 working days.

Hassle-free Warranty

Whether buying from the official website or the official Amazon store, we've got you covered with a full 2 years warranty.

Global Support

Huepar is committed to provide Best-in-Class service to our customers- 24/7 Service Team.

About Huepar Team

Offering top engineered quality laser measuring tools at a reasonable price.

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Free worldwide shipping and returns - customs and duties taxes included.