Huepar's Story

Founded by Lynn Li, a highly respected engineer, Huepar emerged from her extensive experience in manufacturing top-notch laser measuring tools. Spending most of her life on construction sites, Lynn grew weary of witnessing the hardships endured by workers reliant on manual tools, which rendered measuring and leveling nearly impossible and incredibly frustrating.

How It All Started

The inception of the entire Huepar concept occurred when Lynn heard a poignant story about a close neighbor who worked as a private construction worker. Due to errors in the manual measuring tools he depended on, he was compelled to reconstruct an entire project without any additional income. He had no alternative but to resort to traditional methods, as laser measuring tools were prohibitively expensive and beyond his means.

Huepar's Mission

Since 2013, value, sustainability and responsibility have gone hand in hand with us and are an integral part of our company philosophy. "Quality doesn't have to be expensive." In recent years, we have managed to keep our prices stable and continue to offer good conditions to our customers. Our production facilities in China and the UK/US/EU are under strict control, so we can guarantee the quality and precision of our products. Our quality management staff works around the clock to test and improve our products to ensure a high standard of quality and to be able to meet your requirements.


While moving towards the forefront of science and technology, we also pay attention to environmental protection.

Sustainable Next-Gen Laser Level

Industry First Green Factory

100% Recyclable Packaging


Huepar efforts on R&D and sustainability are globally recognized.

  • CGDA Excellent Award

  • MUSE 2024 Creative Award

  • One Planted Tree

  • BSCI 2024


    Huepar Laser Levels and tools are sold over 130 countries with 20+ warehouses.

    North American market

    Serving United States and Canada

    South American market

    Serving Brazil, Chile and other countries

    European market

    Serving European, American and UK countries

    Asia market

    Serving Asian countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea

    Australian market

    Serving Australia and New Zealand


    Huepar efforts on R&D and sustainability are globally recognized.

    • Free shipping

      Free shipping on orders 59€ EUR+

    • Easy return

      Worry-free returns and exchanges within 14 days.

    • Safe payment

      Accept secure payments such as credit card and paypal.

    • Support

      Provide 7X24 hours professional customer service.

    • Quality assurance

      Official authenticity guarantee and consistent quality.




      First Major Sale

      2014 ~ 2018


      2019 ~ 2020


      2021 ~ 2023

      Brand Launch

      Develop key partners in the US and Europe and expand market, the HUEPAR was born.

      First Major Sale

      Zhuhai Sales Branch Established Turnover Reaches RMB 30,500,000 Over 100% Increase.

      Expansion of Product Line

      Confirmed cooperation with Germany's Osram to open new era of new technology

      Excess growth

      Develop key partners in the US and Europe and expand market share in Asia, South America and Africa.



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