Collection: Laser Distance Meter

A laser rangefinder is a tool for measuring distance. They use invisible beams of light to calculate distances, and some models are even capable of determining distance through objects. Rangefinders can be used by golfers, bow hunters, bird watchers and construction workers. Laser rangefinders can help you with your next home improvement project by providing you with accurate measurements before you begin working on a surface or object. The specific applications of laser level rangefinders vary based on their features and what they're meant to do. It's important to choose one that best fits your needs when looking at these devices in order to get the most out of them.

A laser level rangefinder is, as the name suggests, any type of rangefinder that uses lasers to achieve its goals. They are usually employed by construction companies or utilities to locate points on the ground or other elevated structures when doing land surveying. Depending on the model, a laser level rangefinder might be able to accurately measure horizontal distances and vertical distances between two or more points simultaneously or only one at a time.

Using laser rangefinders to check the distance from your location to an object can be frustrating when you try to aim them yourself and get an inaccurate reading.

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